Your core values list (choose your list of morals to live by!)

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Your values are the principles that guide you in life.  This essential core values list helps you find out what values are important to you. When you know what you believe in or what’s most important to you (your core values or personal values), you can live authentically without feeling confused, indecisive, guilty or frustrated.

The benefits of finding your core values

When you are clear about your values, you can weigh every decision against them. You can set your intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviour in accordance with your values – which makes everything you do so much simpler.

Why you need a values list

We put together this core values list which gives you examples of personal values to make it easier to start narrowing down your values. This will help you find your core values when you start doing the values prioritisation exercise.

Blue-Footed Booby Success Formula: Do this core values list exercise

  1. Have a look at the below list (you can also download the Printable core values list here.
  2. Write down or circle the ones that apply to you
  3. Keep this list handy for the prioritisation part of finding your core values 🙂


If you’d like to print out and circle the personal values that resonate with you the most, you can download the Printable core values list here.

Not sure about the meaning of some of these words and whether they express values that are important to you? Read LifeHack’s short description of 30 of the above values.

Narrowing down your values list 

Now that you have a good idea of some of the values that you find important, it’s time to really figure out your core values – your top 5. For more information on finding your values and how to use them in your daily life – whether to make decisions or to guide your direction – I wrote a guide on How to Find Your Values. The first part is about finding as many values as you can, the second part teaches you how to narrow these down to just 5.

If you’ve done this exercise and have a question, or maybe you just want to share what values were important to you, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot us an email.


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