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Do you aspire to be better, but don’t really want to put in TOO much effort? Or maybe you’re putting in the effort, but losing steam along the way? Perhaps you’re sick of all the success stories and you just want people to be real. 

We get you!

Personal growth can be daunting (and off-putting). Especially when you’re drowning in all the information that’s supposed to help you, but just feels like more work. We think you can change. Change is easy when you take one tiny, fun (mincing, dancing, skipping) step at a time.

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I want to get inspired and motivated NOT overwhelmed and despondent.

Blue-footed boobies are the ones with two left feet. We try hard, but sometimes take two steps forward and ten steps back. 

Cynical and sad, but we know we can be better… if we can just find the time to figure it all out. And hello, who’s got the time for anything but getting through the day? 

AT BFB, personal growth becomes simple, easy and fun:

Our pledge: We will always tell you how long it will take to read an article or watch a video before you even open it. Our newsletter comes out every odd occasion so you’re not flooded with spammy emails or pushy sales pitches. Say NO to long-winded, daunting articles and videos that you can never finish (and leave you wracked with guilt and inertia) and HELLO to the stuff that makes you want to get up in the morning!