You are stronger than you think

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This article examines the idea that you are stronger than you think. Sometimes your life may seem daunting, but consider the possibility that you already have inner resources and strengths that you aren’t completely aware of.

You might feel weak and that’s ok

Do you battle to cope with the hard knocks that life inevitably deals you with? Or maybe you feel fragile and oversensitive most of the time.  When a challenge arises, maybe you’re the kind of person that just feels overwhelmed. Maybe a lot of really painful, awful things have happened to you in your life, and you feel like you never properly recovered.

In my years as a psychologist, I have seen hundreds of clients, and most of them started out feeling weak and even hopeless. Yet all of them found that they had personal resources that they weren’t necessarily acknowledging.

People are more similar than different

Turns out that humans have more in common with one another than differences. In the face of difficult circumstances, it’s normal to experience a wide range of negative emotions, including frustration, anger, grief, sadness, distress, despair, guilt, and hopelessness. Yet some people seem able to find inner strength when they need it, and you can, too.

You already have everything you need

Carl Rogers, a psychologist in the 1940s and ’50s, proposed the “person-centred” movement. One of the key concepts of his thinking is the idea that you already have everything you need to self-actualise and live a full, meaningful, and satisfying life.

You are stronger than you think

While you can build on your inner toughness in all kinds of ways, know that you are already much stronger than you think. All you need to do to discover the powerful resources within you is to reflect on the following.

Blue Footed Booby Success Formula: Why you are stronger than you think

  1. Look to the past and reflect on what you’ve already accomplished

No one has a completely bland, pleasant personal history. Even if you’ve lived a wonderful, privileged life, you have certainly overcome things. You have risen to challenges and you’ve managed to cope with pain, loss, and adversity.

How did you do that? What inner resources have you already drawn upon in the past? What are the things you’re proud of? Take your time to reflect, and make a list.

  1. Look within and notice your character strengths

Think about your character, and who you are. What are the unique aspects of you, that are central to your personality or identity? If you’re not sure of the answer to this question, do this quiz to help you find out. Everybody has strengths. When you are aware of yours, you begin to understand that you are stronger than you think.

  1. Know what you already have, that makes your life happy

A lot of research suggests that there are five super strengths that make your life happy, satisfying and enjoyable. These are:

  • a zest for life – which is a feeling of enthusiasm for life
  • a sense of hope – an optimistic outlook, and an expectation that things will be ok in the end
  • love – having a deep affection for others, and experiencing deep affection from others
  • gratitude – this is about being thankful and appreciative of the good things in your day and your life, whether small or large
  • Curiosity – having a desire to know, understand, and to learn

Which happiness strength or strengths do you already have? You only need one, and you can build on it, or develop the others. If you have more than one, well good for you! You are stronger than you think, and you may be happier than you realised.

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