How to manifest your soulmate in 5 easy steps

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Do you find it hard to meet the right person? If so, you probably want to know how to manifest your soulmate, even if you don’t really believe it’s possible. Or if soulmates even exist. I’m not going to tell you that you have one ideal soulmate in life and it’s your mission to find them. Rather, I believe that your soulmate is a partner that you can share your life with, someone you trust and accept and who trusts and accepts you.

Whether you call this person a life partner, a caring relationship or just someone you can connect with, for the sake of this article I’m going to refer to them as a soulmate.

To find your soulmate, you don’t have to believe in god, the universe, fate or reincarnation, but you do need to believe that someone out there kind of fits you, no matter how odd, misfit or downright weird you are.

So if you’re the kind of person who:

  • Is kind of awkward (maybe struggles with social anxiety)
  • Always ends up in relationships that are wrong for you
  • Falls in love with people who just aren’t a good match (even if you know it!)
  • Is sick of the dating scene
  • Struggles to find real connection

This article can help.

How the law of attraction links to manifesting your soulmate

Most articles on manifestation talk about The Law of Attraction (and how you’re constantly creating your own reality). Which, if you read it one way, makes it sound like it’s your fault that you’re lonely and single (rude!).

But read another way, it means that you attract in your life what you give your energy, focus and attention to. So if you’re lonely and single, you attract more loneliness and solitude. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, chances are you want to turn this around and learn how to manifest your soulmate.

Blue-footed booby Success formula: How to Manifest your Soulmate

  1. Accept yourself
  2. Let go of past hurts
  3. Make space
  4. Forget about it
  5. Become a match for your soulmate

Obviously the above is the short version, If you need information on how to do this, keep reading!

1. Accept yourself

This sounds so simple, but it’s probably the single hardest thing to do. If you don’t love and accept yourself, you don’t feel like you deserve to be loved. This can actually block you from attracting someone into your life.

Working with a therapist will help you to learn how to accept yourself as you are, with all your weird quirks and two left feet. It will help you learn to have some self-worth, whether it’s through talk therapy or learning affirmations (cognitive behavioural therapy can help).

I remember reading Louise Haye’s You Can Heal Your Life, which really helped me to start the journey towards a little more self-love. And practising self-care is a big part of this too!

2. Let go of past hurts

Love can be so, so painful. Past relationships can wound you deeply, making it difficult to trust or let go. But how can you enjoy a loving partnership with someone when you’re still caught up in past pain?

Whether you vocalise this with someone new or not, chances are that any future prospect can pick up that you’re not ready for something new. You need to learn to let go of your ex, that painful fling or the person who hurt you.

Keeping that person around (or failing to let go of the pain) will affect your chances of meeting the one so it’s better to make a clean break – and deal with the pain if it’s not recent.

If you keep hanging on to old hurts, chances are you’ll keep ending up in relationships that repeat the pattern. Again, therapy can really help with this. There are a number of cutting-edge tools and techniques, such as brain-recursive therapy, helping you reframe your mind so you can break those patterns.

There are several fun exercises you can do at home, like an energetic cord-cutting. You can try yourself by first meditating to calm your mind and energy, then visualizing a cord between you and your ex – and then imagining yourself cutting it. You can also write down all the painful memories and then throw them in a bonfire!  Exercises like these can be extremely powerful, whether you do it by yourself, with a trained therapist or with your life coach.

3. Make space

How do you expect to find someone if you don’t have time or space in your life for them? Part of this is to get into the right mental space for attracting the right partner (aka, manifesting your soulmate).

The first tip to do this is to write down who your ideal soulmate might be. What does he/she look like? What kind of character would they have? What characteristics would they have? If you’re finding this difficult to do because you’re not really sure, start by writing down what you DON’T want in a partner. On the other side of the page, write down the opposite, what you DO want. Voila, you have a manifestation list.

You can also do it if you’re already in a relationship (but this one can be tricky because either he/she changes, or you open up space for someone new in the future).

Remember, being specific isn’t that necessary. Rather write that you want a kind, gentle and considerate partner who treats you as an equal than writing that you want a 6ft tall man with olive skin, dark brown hair and a six-pack. It’s better to say you want someone that you are physically attracted to and connect with because for all you know, your soulmate might be blonde and have a beer belly!

NOTE for the sceptics. You don’t have to believe in this for it to work!

I’ve done this exercise with a very cynical and sceptical mindset. I forgot about it and two years later after I’d found someone I’m incredibly compatible with, realised that he met every single specification I’d put on that list. We’ve been together seven years and counting. I do sometimes wish that I’d been a little more specific though, so don’t be scared to put in details, just keep your wording open to give the universe more ways to meet your needs.

For example, I want to meet someone who is tall, outdoorsy, and adventurous with a great sense of humour (or has a similar essence and enjoyment of life). You can also draw a vision board to support this. Don’t forget to include the date you want to manifest your soulmate.

Here’s an example:

Please deliver my soulmate to me by the 30th September 2023 – in this lifetime please!

The ‘in this lifetime’ is just a fail-safe to ensure you manifest him or her in this lifetime rather than another – in case you believe in reincarnation or old souls (or even if you don’t).

Secondly, I always recommend that you spend time visualising what your life will be like when you have manifested your soulmate.

This helps you to continue bringing yourself in alignment with your manifestation, so it shows up in your reality.

You can create a vision board to help you do this, or even just spend some time daydreaming about it. Either way, it’s going to bring you into a positive space 😊. You can also thank the universe for this, as if it’s already happened. Getting into a space of gratitude has proven benefits, not least for manifesting your soulmate.

4. Forget about it

Now forget about it! Some manifestation guides will tell you that you need to read your list on a daily basis or repeatedly write it out, but that can actually create a needy energy, which reads like an attachment.

And generally, you don’t get what you’re too attached to. To be a vibrational match for what you want, you can’t be in an energy of need (and nobody likes needy, least of all yourself!). So, forget about your list, finding a soulmate and how lonely you are. Focus on yourself and get out there and have some fun doing the things that you enjoy.

5. Become a match for your soulmate

The final step in how to manifest your soulmate is to become a match to them!

What I mean is you need to be in the same energetic space.

For example, if one of the characteristics of your soulmate on your manifestation list is that he/she needs to be outdoorsy, healthy, and active, you need to ask yourself:

Am I outdoorsy, healthy, and active?

If not, then you need to start becoming healthy, outdoorsy, and active. Start working out, change your lifestyle or diet and start getting out there, whether it’s hiking or cycling or surfing.

Another example would be if you want to manifest a soulmate who is funny/has a great sense of humour. You need to ask yourself:

Do I have a great sense of humour? Do I laugh often?

If not, start going to live comedy nights, maybe try an impromptu stand up show, or just watch more funny movies (so you can quote them!).

Becoming a match to your soulmate works from both an energetic/vibrational standpoint and a logical one.

Vibrationally, you start to radiate an energetic frequency out to the universe that is similar to what you want to attract back (law of attraction at work), and logically you have started placing yourself in the places where this person probably hangs out, increasing your chances of meeting them.

Sound like something you can do? If blue-footed boobies can find a life match, so can you!

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